Most valuable coin at the market.
About 50% of invested funds go to charity program!
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ICO Results
1 228 980
1 228 980
Total Invested
1 098 178 BTC
3 114 321 USD

About Rich Coin

Rich Coin is, like it's name says, created with idea to become a coin with biggest value among other cryptocurrencies at the market..

Rich coin is organised as ultra deflationary coin with continuous initial coin offerings (ICOs). Goal of the project is to produce most valuable coin at the market and to collect money for charity fund.

Coin price prediction

What happend with a price between two ICOs?

1) After one ICO with coin price of one dollar coin price will first start to drop down because of influence of cheap coins some owners will rush to sell them which will produce decrease of price from before ICO.

2) After a few days it will start to grow as a result of slowly burning function.

3) At the end, before another ICO, price will rapidly goes up because a lot of people will try to get more coins in order to have bigger share before next ICO and be able to buy more cheaper coins.

4) Generally, price will goes up while approx. each second dollar invested during ICO is going to be used for buying back coins at the market and burning them. Having that and new investors interested to buy more coins, will ensure that price of RICH coin is going to have a stable growth.

How does burn work?

In order to provide deflatory coin which will result to coin high price there is defined a function responsable for burning coins.

During a burning process there will be burned coins mostly for owners who owned less coins and the other owners will be more safe.
But don't worry, burning process start slow, you will have enough time to sell your coins at good price if you don't have money for buying more.

There is also a buy-back fund (49% of invested money) which will be used for buying coins at the market and burning it immediately.

All that will produce huge demand which will result in a very hight price of one coin. At the end, there will be only 100.000 coins left.

Charity fund

During continues initial coin offerings it will be collected around a one billion dollars! All those money will be compressed in a few tousend of Rich coin giving them a true value.

That's nice but not enough. During that process, 50% of all collected funds will be send to different charity organisations and projects, for well defined pruposes. All coin owners will be able to vote for a best prupose, actively participating in making decisions.